Relaxation Meditation Intro

Parenting can be intense, to say the least. Meditation introduces and affirms an aspect of ourselves that we often overlook during the sometimes overwhelming experience of being a parent – the peaceful basis of our being.

As we acknowledge, recognize, and live from this basis our experience changes. Intensity takes on new meaning, challenges turn into opportunities, contrast provides fuel for our parenting intentions, and moment by moment we come to experience peace that passes all understanding.

Relaxation Meditation allows you to relax into parenting as you develop and strengthen unconditional love, trust, joy, positive expectation, connection, acceptance, certainty, strength, forgiveness, confidence and more. You get to enhance your relationship with yourself, your child, and life at the same time. Experience the benefits today.

Details & Format

Relaxation Meditation is a growing audio collection. The purpose is to offer you various options for allowing meditation to enhance parenting and life. New audios are added periodically and sometimes short videos are posted to supplement the material. 

Taking an audio course is easy. You set the pace by deciding how often you want to access an audio. Listen at the site, download the mp3s to your computer or listening device, and even listen as you go to sleep. Whatever works for you to integrate what you experience into your life. Partners and grandparents are encouraged to participate.

How to Participate

You can choose to access Relaxation Meditation in one of two ways.

  • Option 1 – purchase a month of access to the course for $15
  • Option 2 – purchase lifetime access to the course for $50

You decide what works for you. When you select an option below you will be taken to a secure payment page with Paypal where you can pay with or without a Paypal account. All purchases are guaranteed and if you have any issues, please contact me.

Relaxation Meditation 1 Month Access – $15

Relaxation Meditation Lifetime Access – $50

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