Daily Meditation for Parents

Daily Meditation for ParentsDaily meditation for parents is an experiment to bring a few moments or minutes of mindfulness meditation into our daily lives and parenting. Try it for one day, forty days or more. Whatever works for you. (Here’s part of the inspiration behind the practice).

Just to see what happens.

Why? Mindfulness meditation helps us to see ourselves and our children more clearly, learn how to regulate emotions so we can respond more intentionally and enjoy some down time – doing nothing – except noticing how we experience life.

Do you ever schedule time to literally just do nothing? It can be quite refreshing and is often needed while caring for others.

When I discovered meditation in 2007 I experimented with various forms and have landed with the simplicity of mindfulness meditation, which draws from various contemplative practices. Basically, mindfulness and meditation = awareness. As we notice our experience of life, for example what we think when our child does that thing we loathe and how the body tenses as we react to our child doing that thing, then the slight softening we experience as we become aware of what’s happening inside, we grow the capacity to meet life in new, more spacious ways. We create space by noticing the space around what’s going on inside of ourselves – to see, grow, make changes when helpful and most importantly to be compassionate with ourselves.

Over the years I’ve struggled with a daily practice, even though each time I rest in meditation I feel the benefits immediately. I decided to start a Facebook page dedicated to a daily meditation practice to support myself and other parents who would like a brief daily check in and inspiration about various ways to incorporate mindfulness into our parenting and lives.

Let’s Get Started

Meditation can be done for three seconds, a few moments, ten minutes – or more. The amount of time isn’t as important as it is to become aware of what we’re experiencing. Once you establish a sense of how this can be helpful, increase the time you spend in meditation. Maybe a few moments each day this week, five minutes each day the next – or more. Again, whatever works for you.

What You’ll Need

Your Why – Make a note in a journal or notebook about why you want to implement a daily practice. Focus on benefits you want in your life and work towards those goals.

Daily Support – If you would like daily support through a brief check in and informative articles, like the Daily Meditation for Parents page on Facebook, then hover over the Liked button and click Get Notifications. Feel free to respond each day or just note the check in.

Maybe a Journal – Make a few notes after each meditation and on days when you don’t meditate. Just note how you’re feeling, what you’re noticing and bring some kindness to yourself whenever possible.

That’s it. This isn’t one more thing we have to do. It’s really about noticing ourselves more deeply so we can reap the benefits of our own awareness and growth potential. If you have any questions along the way feel free to post them on the Facebook page or contact me directly by email.

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