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Welcome to Presence Parenting. I am taking a break from facilitating sessions and workshops to explore a year of mindfulness. Everything shared here is an invitation to clearly choose the presence we bring to parenting and I hope you find something helpful while you’re here. Thank you for visiting. — Amy

Each moment offers the opportunity to experience the benefits of meditation through present moment awareness.

This approach to meditation opens the door to true and lasting contentment, release, and healing (for parents that leads to more harmony in the home, too).

For me, meditation is both an in-the-moment recognition of the peace which is always present as the undercurrent of life and the central basis for who I am and who I am becoming.

Daily meditation is a time when I rest in quiet to focus inward and open to what may be helpful for myself and others. This often results in an experience of awareness, reflection, relaxation, insight, and resolve – sometimes more as each experience is unique.

I invite you to join me…

Each day I facilitate meditation for myself, my loved ones, and anyone else on the planet who would like to participate with the intention to support awakening and well being. In the past I have referred to this as distance energy healing and I do sometimes initiate healing during meditation. At other times I simply sit in stillness and reverence for Life, my family, community, and whatever else pops to mind. Some refer to this as centering prayer.

Either way, your experience is largely determined by what you are open to receive and resolve in your life. Much of this is done on an energetic, or subtle, level so you don’t necessarily need to think about it. Simply be open and willing to experience peace, release, and resolve.

No phone or internet required.

I facilitate meditation and energy healing from the comfort of my home (or wherever I may be) and you can participate in the comfort of your home (or wherever you may be). No phone or internet is necessary because we connect through intention.

The experience of meditation and healing takes place through awareness and in connection with the Source of life. At its primordial essence it occurs in the space of Being, deep inside our everyday experience of doing.

A distance session is just as powerful as an in person or guided session.  People who cannot make it to an in person session, want to expand their idea of what is possible or are curious about meditation and distance healing can benefit.  Distance sessions can also help a person who is learning to trust as the session can be done while the person is at home resting in a familiar place.

Distance healing works much like other things in our experience that occur without us being able to see what is happening, such as cellular phone calls. We are connected in ways that are not observable by the naked eye and ultimately the whole process is cultivated by the Unseen.

A bit more about energy healing.

Energy healing addresses the whole person through strengthening the awareness of our innate healing ability and base level of existence. Both meditation and energy healing open the door to transform imbalances into strength through going to the true source of the problem and the solution – our inner experience of life.

We all have innate healing abilities. When we get injured, the body immediately works to heal. If we experience trauma, feelings signal the need for mental and emotional healing. During times of suffering we are called to heal through the intensity of our experiences.

The tendency to look outside of ourselves for the source and solution of our ills detracts from the intelligent design and can result in imbalances in the mind, body and spirit. Another way to look at this is when we believe or adhere to the thoughts our mind produces, we can experience unrest and illness. Meditation and healing awaken and support the ability to discern between what is ultimately false and what is true.

Imbalances also come through experiences we have and choices we make – including emotional repression, trauma, unresolved anger, lack of forgiveness, self-doubt and resistance to life. When these issues are not allowed attention and space to heal, a person may not feel well and/or notice repeating circumstances in their lives which prevent them from making the most of life.

Why combine meditation and energy healing?

Both meditation and energy healing can result in a beneficial experience. To me, they are simply different variations of the same, ever present source – much like the river or lake spinning off of the ocean.

I experience meditation as sinking into the peaceful Source of life that is ever present within all life – truly the thread that connects all of experience and reality. I experience energy healing as both the clearing of what stands in the way and the strengthening of the in-moment-recognition of the peaceful Source of Life.

The intent is the same – experiencing Life in a simple, yet profound way.


Each person’s experience is unique and some potential benefits include relaxation, trust in life, increased ability to heal from illness, mental and emotional health, physical wellness and healing, deeper connection and awareness of the Source of Life, experience of true forgiveness, release of resentment, anger, hatred, sadness, depression, awareness of defeating patterns, courage to change harmful patterns, inner acceptance of what is, and enthusiasm for life.

Sometimes we do not have a logical explanation or solution for the challenges we experience. It may be especially valuable in these situations to consider the potential benefits of meditation and energy healing.

Benefits specifically for parents

Here are a few ideas…

Appreciate each moment with your kids, recognize opportunities in struggles, influence your kids positively, learn about yourself, teach your kids what you want to teach them, resolve conflicts peacefully, implement boundaries that work for you, be the parent you want to be.

What’s on your list?

How You Can Participate

You are invited to participate in daily meditation and healing anytime you’d like. Please read the articles below and join in when you’re ready.

Participate at a convenient time that works for you. Some parents enjoy participating at bed time or upon waking, or during time devoted to prayer or meditation. I encourage you to explore simple meditation to experience life in a new way with or without participating daily with me.

Experience the benefits today

  • Participate when it works for you.
  • An opportunity to relax and renew each day.
  • Intend to receive the benefits of the sessions without actively participating (much like prayer).
  • Include the whole family to facilitate inner healing, awareness, and relaxation.
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